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Reading can take you places you never knew existed.
   I am 37  years old with two wonderful children and a perfect (sometimes too perfect) husband.   I have experience as a news reporter and have been writing book reviews for various other sites and publishers for about10 years now. 

I began reading when I was 2 years old and haven't stopped since.  I am planning to get a doctorate in English, currently I hold an Associate's in English and a Bachelor's in Social Science with a concentration in English and Language Arts.   I have a love for words that will not end. I love the way words come together to give images and how those images come together to become a book.  Words can crush a person or lift a person to something higher.  That is why I love to read and review books.  I love the way the words come together.

    I do not charge to write book reviews.  If you are sending a book to be reviewed you pay for the shipping and I keep the book.  My rate for help in other areas varies with extent of help and amount of work needed. 

I help with term and research papers, ghost writing, editing, topic ideas, and freelance articles.  If you are not sure if I can help, just ask me.
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